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How will we ever know?


“What we cannot speak of, we must be silent about” ~ Ludwig Wittgenstein.

Will we ever really know if God exists or not? No-one can declare or deny the existence of a supreme being on our behalf; we all have to experience it ourselves.

It is sad yet understandable to see more and more people today reject the idea of God or Mind of the Universe, for want of a better word. I am sure there are many others but some of the main reasons follow:

  1. Religion has failed.
  2. Science has failed.
  3. God has abandoned the world.

“In matters of religion, most people prefer chewing the menu to actually eating the food.” ~ Zen saying.


Every day we hear cases of people harming life in the name of God. We are bombarded by fundamentalist messengers claiming the superiority of their practice over others. Rather than reject religion outright is it not logical to conclude that religion in all its guises has been incorrectly taught and followed. It has not kept up with the scientific and technological advances we have made and it certainly hasn’t been able to solve the social, economic and political ills our wayward human race has created. Surely adaption is required. Our religions are supposed to make us healthy and happy. Our religions should ensure that we create a sustainable environment for future generations. Our religion should show that the Mind of the Universe exists.

“The servant of the Tao, realizing the perfect beauty of the universe, attains understanding.” ~ Lao Tzu.


Mainstream science has also failed to make us healthy and happy. It has also failed to protect our environment and it certainly has failed to show us what created life, choosing instead to reject the idea of a creator and observe, through a very narrow lens, the ‘isolated’ processes by which life is created. Scientists are empiricist philosophers. For them knowledge has to be observed through the senses and has to be expressed in language. They have rejected the Mind of the Universe because they have not recognized the limitation of their discipline. The Mind of the Universe exists beyond the senses, beyond matter. When Science separated the creator (spirit) from the created (matter) hundreds of years ago they lost the ability to understand the purpose of life. Their search continues, in vain.

“Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.” ~ Chief Seattle.


 How can this all-loving Mind of the Universe allow suffering? Murders, disease, war, poverty, famine are rife in our world. How can the Mind of the Universe allow it? The universe and therefore our planet has been created and everything in it follows Nature’s Laws; immutable laws, which we have violated again and again over centuries past. We have lost our connection to nature and so cannot apply its rules and sacred guidance to our lives. Without the right way how can we live in harmony with nature and with each other. Every single crime, every starving child is our responsibility. It cannot be pinned on any one individual; we are all to blame. The only way to stop our rapid decline is to look more deeply at ourselves and start to change what needs to change. We have to look inside and create harmony there, before we can re-establish harmony in the world again.

“God is the highest ideal that the human mind can conceive.” ~ Hazrat Inayat Khan.


It is only through spiritual practice that we can know the Mind of the Universe’s existence. It involves the unpopular practice of looking at ourselves and removing the anger, hatred, arrogance, fear, jealousy not to mention the judgments, attachments, habits and patterns that keep us separate from everything and everyone. When negativity is removed from the mind our narrow perception is transformed into one that can contain love, gratitude, acceptance, generosity, humility and compassion for everything and everyone. This is the Mind of the Universe and if you can cultivate that mind you will after many years, possibly decades of practice experience first-hand whether the Mind of the Universe exists or not. If you don’t then you are doing something wrong. When you realise you are doing something wrong then you are making progress.

Stay tuned,

Innersound Harmony Team

Heal your family and improve your life


Our ancestors still exist and their ‘health’ has a significant effect on our health, happiness and success in life. This is the fourth and last post in this latest Innersound Harmony blog series and it focuses on how Innersound’s Ancestral Healing can help us achieve a happier and more fulfilling life.

The basic ancestral healing consists of five ceremonies spread over a twenty-four day period. Ceremonial food needs to be prepared and offered to show respect and gratitude to ancestors, and special sounds are recited by the master leading the ceremony. The sounds change the ancestors’ frequency to the original frequency that is often changed by living in the material world. Light and energy are also transmitted to elevate them to a brighter level. Many years of disciplined and rigorous training are required in order to perform the ancestral healing ceremony.


In cases when the ancestors are carrying very heavy karma or are very sick, the twenty-four days healing programme may not be sufficient, which may require a longer and more advanced method. Also, for relatives who died in the last three years, a separate healing programme needs to be undertaken because they are still under a much stronger influence from their physical lives.

A married woman needs to undertake ancestral healing for both her family as well as the husband’s family. Once a woman gets married, depending on her susceptibility, she can be greatly influenced by the husband’s ancestors. Particularly during pregnancy and postnatally, a woman’s physical and emotional state can be affected by ancestors’ influence. Woman, being the receptive partner entrusted by nature to gestate the new life, is more vulnerable to spiritual influence, and if the husband’s or husband’s ancestors’ energy pattern is not compatible with hers, it can greatly affect her physical and mental wellbeing.              


Even though ancestral healing is not a panacea for health problems, many people have had substantial physical and mental improvement after doing several family lines, which, as a rule, incorporate the father’s father’s family, father’s mother’s family, mother’s father’s, mother’s mother’s, and respective related ancestors. Related ancestors are all the people our ancestors had a close relationship with during their lives, both good and not good. During life, we form very strong bonds with people that may not vanish after death. Bitter and vengeful feelings may be deeply ingrained in the mind and spirit of those departed, and be passed on to the descendants. This creates a karmic bond between otherwise unrelated families. A criminal act that involves the loss of life can bind victim and perpetrator in an unholy alliance that can deeply affect the living. Especially those who died in wars are karmically bonded with those who took their lives. However, the reverse may also be true; a deep bond of love can bind the living and non-living for eternity.


A remarkable book titled ‘Return from Tomorrow’ by Dr. George Ritchie describes his experience of near death while serving at an army base during the Second World War. In it, he describes in great detail the reality of the spirit world and how the living and non-living are bound together by invisible bonds. He realised that spirits are still harbouring the same feelings and the same desires and attachments they had during their physical lives.

In his own words: “It was so very different from the way I had always imagined death. I watched one woman of maybe fifty following a man of about the same age down the street. She seemed very much alive, agitated and tearful, except that the man to whom she was addressing her emphatic words was oblivious to her existence…I gathered that she was his mother, in spite of the fact that they appeared so nearly the same age. How long had she been following him this way? Was this what death was like – to be permanently invisible to the living, yet permanently wrapped up in their affairs?”


Although Dr. Ritchie’s experience provides great insight into life after death, it does not provide the answer of how to help the spirit world. The founder of the Innersound Qi healing method, after many years of rigorous ascetic training, gained a deep insight into the invisible world of Qi, and how it can be used to heal the physical and spiritual world. 

The Qi healing method is a very comprehensive healing system that consists of Innersound Recharge Qi treatments to open energy blockages to re-establish a good circulation of energy throughout the body; the Innersound Revive Qi training method, which works on body and mind to repair damage to the energy system and to clear obstacles in the mind that prevent the body from healing itself; and the ancestral healing programme to clear any negative connections with previous generations and repair the damage done by inherited energy blockages, as well as help ancestors ascend to a higher and brighter state. All three methods work in conjunction to heal body, mind and spirit.


The ancestral healing is the most important of all three methods because it relates to the eternal life of human beings. As energy is eternal and holds all information of our lives, we will live in the eternal world with the information acquired during our lives. By changing our ancestors’ energy state, our energy system is also changed, as it no longer holds the information of their lives. This can have a considerable impact on our physical and mental wellbeing.

I hope you have found this Innersound Harmony blog series insightful but more importantly I hope that it encourages you to start seeing life differently. The visible cannot exist without the invisible.

Stay tuned,

Innersound Harmony

Innersound Ancestral Healing

There is a growing body of evidence that suggests life continues after physical death has occurred. Many studies have shown that mental activity does not stop after brain death. This latest blog series has touched very briefly on Innersound’s Ancestral Healing, a remarkable spiritual practice that helps to clear negative energy patterns that run through families, reasserting harmony within and without.

Ancestral healing relies on a deeply spiritual understanding of the laws of nature and the origin of human beings. Everything in the universe is made of particles and the information encoded in these particles can never disappear. This is one of nature’s most fundamental laws – information can never be lost, for if it did, all life would come to an end. A human being is essentially information encoded in our genetic make-up and energy system, and this information is passed on from generation to generation.

Light, sound and energy are the fundamental elements of life, having originated at the creation of the physical universe. Everything in the material world is, at its most fundamental level, light, sound and energy. In this way, sound can be used to transmit energy and light to spirit to change its level of brightness to a higher state. The spirit, having no physical body, absorbs energy and light better than the living, as it is more difficult for energy and light to penetrate through a solid material body.

The Innersound Ancestral Healing programme releases spirits from their connection with the descendants by clearing their karma and healing the energy pattern that holds the information of their physical lives. It covers four generations of ancestors and consists of three parts: separation, purification and deliverance. Spirits who have little karma and cultivated their minds during their lives are easily guided, but those with much karma and defiant and wilful minds can take much longer to submit to the healing process.

The descendants, however, are the bridge between this world and their ancestors, and play the most crucial role in helping their ancestors achieve deliverance from this world. The ancestors, who no longer have a body, have to be healed through the body of the descendant, and it is through one’s love and willingness to help the ancestors that healing can take place. We can make an analogy with a tree, with our ancestors being the roots; we are the trunk, and our children, the fruit. Generally, a tree is only as healthy as its roots, but the trunk is what holds the tree and is the link between the roots and the fruit.

We are the link between the past and future generations and play an important role in ensuring their wellbeing. The Innersound London centre often holds talks about Ancestral Healing so call us and find out how you can help both your ancestors and descendants through this unique program.

Stay tuned

The Innersound Harmony online team.

We inherit more than you think

The last Innersound Harmony blog introduced the concept of Ancestral Healing by explaining how our ancestors’ lives continue to affect the quality of ours.

There is possibly no greater mystery than what happens to us after we leave this life. Generally, religious people would see death as a prospective return to heaven; others would see death as the final oblivion and a return to nothingness. Death, however, may be just a short pause between material life and spiritual life, with the spirit now being the only living aspect of the human being.

When we come into this world we come as light, and when we return after discarding the physical body, we also return as light. However, if a person dies carrying much pain, sorrow, regret, disease or deep attachments to the physical world, the spirit would have lost its original brightness and be unable to return to its origin. The spirit lives in the eternal world with the level of brightness attained during its earthly life, and its position in the spirit world reflects the level of cultivation and the knowledge, experience and wisdom gained during life.

When we die, we are not delivered from earthly life straight away. The mind, if it is still carrying much attachment to the body and its physical existence, cannot detach itself from its physical life, and thus, remains in this world. For four generations the mind is still connected with its worldly life through the descendants and it is only after this period, because without a body its frequency has changed considerably from the frequency of the physical world, that it eventually dissolves. Only the spirit, as light, remains, but if the light of the spirit is darker than its original birthplace, it may wander in this world.

Even though a lot of time has passed, and the spirit is no longer under the influence of the mind, its brightness cannot be changed because the spirit is no longer with a body. Only during life can the mind change the brightness of the spirit because it needs the body to do so through its actions and deeds. Those who died carrying deep resentment, hatred and misdeeds, or died from a sudden or violent death and have difficulty in accepting their death, may wander forever unable to set free the mind they had before their death.

This is not a message of gloom designed to scare you into skepticism, total disbelief or dogmatism but rather to encourage those who can, to live life with a deeper appreciation and greater awareness of what really does support our lives. This invisible support cannot be proven by applying strict scientific method to something that cannot even be observed. It can only be experienced through a spiritual practice that will take you beyond your judgements and opinions to experience, firsthand, its constant and unconditional love.

Let’s go deeper next time …

Innersound Harmony.

Help your ancestors and you help yourself

We are, unknowingly, deeply affected by our ancestors’ lives. Their history is written in every cell in our bodies, and much of our thinking and emotional character may also have been influenced by them. When we are conceived we inherit our ancestors’ history programmed into our DNA and energy system. We may be born with weaknesses in our energy system inherited from previous generations, which, over time, may develop into physical and mental symptoms. These inherited patterns are very difficult to be overcome by conventional healing methods.

Innersound’s Ancestral healing addresses a very important but not well understood aspect of human life. It is a unique healing method to change the inborn energy pattern we have inherited from our ancestors that can adversely affect our health, wellbeing and ability to create harmony within and without.

From a biological perspective, human life is created when egg is fertilized by sperm, but from an energy point of view it is the result of the union of the opposite energies of yin and yang when mother’s yin and father’s yang unite, which makes the spark that creates life. This is the original light of creation that we carry in us throughout our lives. Life is the movement and harmonious relationship of yin and yang where body, mind and spirit coexist as one. Death is the separation of body, mind and spirit, and the return to nature of the material elements of earth, fire, water and air. Body returns to earth, spirit should return to its origin, and the mind, if light, rises up with the spirit, or if heavy, sinks down with the body. Depending on the state of the mind, spirit either returns to its origin or remains on the Earth.

Eternal life is to live without a physical body and outside of time and space, as material things exist within time and space, but non-material does not. To exist within time and space means that change is only possible when living with a material body and with a mind capable of adapting to life’s movement and changing circumstances. When the mind is fixed, so are body and spirit. A mind that cannot let go of its passions, sorrows and attachments will remain bound to its earthly existence.

People in the past used to think about birth and death differently from the way we do now. They were joyous occasions to be celebrated, as birth represented the incarnation of spirit in matter, and death was the return of spirit to its original abode. Spirit was the light of creation and what animated matter, for without it, matter was lifeless. Spirit was the cause and reason for the material world, and what created the body, supported its life, and healed its ills.

Nowadays we can think of body, mind and spirit like water in its solid, liquid and gaseous states respectively. The solid state is dense, visible and has a finite shape and form; the liquid state is fluid, formless and the dynamic equilibrium between solid and gas; the gaseous state is invisible and eternal. Both solid and liquid can melt and evaporate away, but the hydrogen and oxygen atoms that make up the gaseous state never disappear. These atoms are made in the universe and combine in the material world under the right conditions to make water. The solid, liquid and gaseous states are composed of the same atoms vibrating at different frequencies. Likewise, spirit, mind and body are the same, and whatever affects one will also impact on the others.

The mind, like water in its liquid state, is the dynamic equilibrium between spirit and body. If the mind is flowing, adaptable and non-resistant, spirit can communicate with the body to support its life and guide it to follow the laws of nature. The mind greatly influences spirit and body, and plays the most crucial role in changing and evolving spirit and body. Change can only take place during physical life when spirit, mind and body are together, for after their separation, no more change is possible and their state is fixed. Life is the training ground for the evolution of spirit, mind and body, and whatever we do in this life is what we take with us.

But what happens after death? You will have to wait for the next Innersound Harmony post.

Stay tuned.

The Innersound Harmony Team.

The best holiday ever - A holiday away from yourself


Innersound explains how health, happiness and success are all made possible when the mind is empty and in harmony with nature. 

An empty mind is not one that prompts robotic-like behaviour void of rational thought and reasoning; it is simply a mind that holds NO negativity. It is unencumbered by judgement, jealousy and hatred and free to flow and function with love and compassion. It is 100% positive. 

A strong fortress has to be built around a positive mind to guard it constantly against negative thinking. An extraordinary amount of vigilance is required to achieve this but the process cannot be started until you see and admit to the negativity that you do harbour. There will always be negativity however, but a positive mind will always process it correctly. 

It is difficult to see our own negativity. There are positive people and there are negative people. The empty mind transcends the basic character that people have. Some people are imbued with a positive outlook and tend to burst with enthusiasm with every new challenge. It is their strength and it comes naturally to them but an empty mind has to be cultivated from situations that reveal our weaknesses too. Are you able to remain positive when you are in ‘way over your head’ or when someone deeply upsets you?


To see my true colours I use a very simple yardstick to gauge my response in any given situation: do I blame someone or do I take responsibility for it. If a problematic situation at work for example, is caused by someone else’s mistake, do you blame them or do you take responsibility for it? Of course you didn’t make the mistake but do you positively take steps to solve the problem happily and try to help that person understand their mistake so that they can learn from it?

Practising this positive approach in all situations is vitally important to your happiness and most importantly to the happiness of those around you. Making people around us happy is our primary responsibility because our actions will help to relieve their pain. It is what human beings are designed to do.


Intellectually most of us understand what the ‘right’ course of action is but personal feelings and emotions lead us to react differently and we end up blaming or attacking others or feeling jealous about or hurt by others.

How can we change this seemingly uncontrollable and instinctive reaction? It takes a lot of practice but we can start at least by trying to see a situation from someone else’s point of view.

Try following these steps when someone challenges you:

Think about what they have been through. Taking time to understand why people react in certain ways helps immensely to feel more empathy for them. When your heart opens to someone through empathy, you lay the foundation for them to receive what they need.

Think about how you have treated them. Taking time to understand your reaction to people will help you to understand yourself more deeply. It is essential to see where your judgements and prejudices really come from. How else will you be able to control them in future?

Try to understand what they want to achieve. The best way to explain this is with a superb quote from Wei Wu Wei, a 20th century Taoist philosopher, “Why aren’t you happy? It’s because ninety-nine percent of everything you do, and think, and say, is for yourself – and there isn’t one”.

How will you help them achieve it? Qi (chi) goes where the mind goes. When your good thoughts are backed up by positive action, qi will support your effort. When qi flows lovingly like this, your health and happiness is also supported.


These steps can actually be used in all situations. Taking time to think about someone in this way, will help to remove the pain that they feel and provide the means for healing or for resolution to take place. By making your mind positive and creating harmony in this way you will start to experience the loving and creative mind of nature. Love really does make the world go around.

Stay tuned

Innersound Harmony.

5 Highly effective practices for creating lasting happiness


Both happiness and agony come from the mind but how do we go about making the mind more friendly for happiness to last? Innersound has created this simple daily practice to help you create harmony in the mind.

The Happiness Diary is designed to help you maintain a positive state of mind. It is only with a positive mind that you will be able to release painful emotional patterns and self-limiting beliefs that you have accumulated through your life experiences. This practice does not involve your brain; it involves your heart – just another word for your mind.

The following 5 guidelines, if practiced daily, will help you to live more positively:

  • Gratitude
  • The power of smiling
  • Practicing kindness
  • Doing without doing
  • Think, talk and behave positively

At the end of your day, sit down in a quiet room if possible and review the day’s events. Write a short paragraph on each guideline detailing your experiences and your reactions to them. Recording this information will help you to reflect more deeply on your actions. Sincere reflection makes space for realisations, which opens the door to more clarity and the capacity to deal more positively with what life throws at us.


Write 3 things you appreciate the most:

 In you – What do you like most about yourself? What gratitude do you feel for the good things you have done, and what more can you do to make your life better? How can you extend this gratitude to others who have helped you in some way?

 In others – What do you appreciate most about the people in your life? How do you show it to them? If someone has helped you in some way, enjoy the feeling of gratitude you have for them.

 In your current situation – If something or someone is creating a negative emotional reaction try to see it as an opportunity for change. Negative feelings are a sign that something needs to be changed and by finding the root of the problem we can see ourselves more clearly. Try to feel grateful for the opportunity.


The Power of Smiling:

When we smile, we radiate beauty and happiness and make others smile. Practice smiling. Smile first thing in the morning when you look at yourself in the mirror, even if you don’t feel like smiling. Smile when you’re having breakfast. Smile when you’re walking on the street on the way to work etc.

I am not smiling because I am happy. I am happy because I am smiling. – Eastern aphorism.

‘A smile is a curve that sets everything straight’ – Phyllis Diller

‘If you’re not using your smile, you’re like a man with a million dollars in the bank and no cheque book.’ – Les Giblin


Practice Kindness:

Do things for yourself and for others with kindness, love and with your heart without expecting anything in return. A kind act is never forgotten.

‘Doing without doing’:

Try not to involve your ego when doing something for someone. In other words, do it but don’t advertise it, especially if you know that it will bring you praise and acknowledgement from colleagues, friends, family etc.

“Once you do a good deed, let it go.”

Think, talk and behave positively:

Thinking negatively leads to negative talk and behaviour. Be aware of your thoughts and think twice before voicing them if they will have a negative impact on others. To change a negative thinking pattern into a positive one requires vigilance and consistency. When you catch yourself having a negative thought immediately think about something good. With practice it becomes easier.

If you find the Happiness Diary useful please leave a comment on our Facebook page.

Innersound wishes you greater harmony and lasting happiness in 2013.

Stay tuned

The Innersound Harmony Team.

A mind in harmony with nature

Innersound teaches that a mind that is in harmony with nature is a mind that can co-exist with nature to create a beautiful, sustainable and peaceful world for all.

Innersound Harmony training guides us to not control things, but to cease to be obstructed by them.  It teaches us to be like water, which has been used in Taoism as the metaphor for a mind which is in harmony with the universe because its fluidity is not the result of any effort on the part of the water, but it is its natural property.  It was Lao-Tzu’s favourite image of the Tao:

“The highest good is like water, for the good of water is that it nourishes everything without striving.  It occupies the place which all men think bad (the lowest level).  Nothing in the world is weaker than water, but it has no better in overcoming the hard.” 

And, “Water benefits all living things while it claims nothing for itself.  It won’t fight anything, and has no conflict, anxiety, nor fear.  Besides, it flows downward for which nothing dares to turn its head.  So, it may well be said to have knowledge of the law of nature.  Being low or deep, it doesn’t mind.  It benefits the rich and the poor without any discrimination.  It deceives no one and pretends nothing.  Though it seems to keep silence, in fact, it carries the greatest teachings.”

The importance of water is well known in Innersound Harmony qi training principles.  We regain our health by harmonizing the water (yin) and fire (yang) energies.  When we harmonize the opposing elements in ourselves we begin to follow the stream of nature.  We experience in our daily lives the interconnection of all things, and vividly know that everything we do evokes a response from the universal energy.  We find our thoughts approaching the primitive thinking Jung referred to, as ‘revelations’ manifesting outside ourselves.  We have foreknowledge of things to come.

People of the past had a greater understanding of the ‘magical’ effect thoughts and words had on themselves and on their environment than we do.  Spells, incantations and prayers were used as the means to affect people or the environment.  Stories abound of great mystics who had miraculous effects on the environment.  One of them, St. Gertrude, a Benedictine Abbess, was known for being able to avert hail, to end severe frosts, and to save the harvest from storm.  In her recorded prayers she says that she does not wish to impose her will on God, but only to bring complete harmony between herself and God, which would not be disturbed whether her prayers were answered or not.  There was a deep-rooted belief that harmony, or otherwise, with God had a powerful effect on the environment.

This effect was also described in the (true) story of the rainmaker, told many times by Carl Jung: 

“There was a terrible drought in that part of China where Richard Wilhelm (a sinologist and friend of Jung’s) was living.  After all the ways to bring rain that the people knew had been tried, they decided to send for a rainmaker.  This interested Wilhelm very much, and he was careful to be there when the rainmaker arrived.  The man came in a covered cart, a small, wizened, old man who sniffed the air with evident distaste as he got out of the cart, and asked to be left alone in a small cottage outside the village; even his meals were to be laid down outside the door.  Nothing was heard from him for three days, then it not only rained, but there was also a big downfall of snow, unknown at that time of year.  Very much impressed, Wilhelm sought the rainmaker out and asked him how it was that he could make rain, and even snow.  The rainmaker replied, ‘I have not made the snow; I am not responsible for it’.  Wilhelm insisted that there was a terrible drought until he came, and then after three days they even had quantities of snow.  The old man answered, ‘Oh, I can explain that.  I come from a place where the people are in order; they are in Tao; so the weather is also in order.  But directly I got here, I saw the people were out of order and they also infected me.  So I remained alone until I was once more in Tao and then, of course, it snowed’.” 

It is said that a sage knows what will go in by seeing what came out; knows what is coming by observing what has passed.  Many thinkers of the past and present have known that the earth is going through a transition period that will bring much change and instability.  Much has been written about it; each proclaiming to have the answers.  For every new wishful prophecy, we would think we were coming closer to the truth.  Many people have recognized that energy is the key, but no one had found the lock.  Innersound Harmony training is that lock.  However, we do not give the illusion that this is any easy path.  It is not.  But we don’t have much choice.  Our world will undergo changes that will require a deep understanding of nature and its laws.  And there will be no second comings or saviours in spaceships coming to rescue us. 

The clues come to us from the myths.  Even those who thoroughly studied myths fail to understand their most crucial messages.  One such authority suggested that,

“mobilizing massive technological resources, we put our best minds to work to ensure that at least a remnant of our species will survive the catastrophe, and that the core of our scientific, medical, astronomical, geographical, architectural and mathematical knowledge will be preserved.” 

This is equivalent to putting Dracula in charge of the blood bank.  The knowledge we need to pass on to future humanity does not come from science, engineering or medicine.  It is not about how to build missiles, computers or genetically alter plants, animals and humans.  It is about how to live in harmony with nature; how to obey and respect its laws; how to live in peace with each other; but above all, how to know and honour the creator of life.

Stay tuned

Innersound Harmony.

Is the tip of the iceberg all you can see?

The problems we face today whether personally or globally come from disharmony.

Harmony comes from unity and disharmony from separation. We live today in an age of separation: separating matter from spirit and the created from the creator. In fact you don’t have to dig too deeply to see that most question the existence of a creator. The truth is that spirit co-exists with matter and separating the two does not make sense. Our physical material world cannot exist without its invisible support.

In the 17th century scientists were known as natural philosophers. They were trying to understand the creator by studying the created. They didn’t think it was possible to understand the creator but tried to understand its mind, or design, by what it created. The greatest minds of the time like Isaac Newton never disputed the existence of a creator. This is a recent ‘development’ and modern natural philosophers focus solely on matter with absolutely no reference to the creator. If the creator cannot be seen in the created then its destruction is certain. This is happening now.

We have an innate ability to create anything we want but why do our creations destroy our environment and damage our health? Our minds are too full to allow the spirit to create and sustain a more beautiful physical world. The spirit creates through a clear, empty mind but we are too conditioned to the visible to be able to comprehend the bigger invisible picture. Ancient people were not scientifically ignorant when they spoke of nature’s gods. They were acutely aware of an invisible reality with which they communicated, in order to sustain life.

Matter is temporary but the mind and the spirit are eternal. Eternity is not a measure of time. It is established now by how we live, how we think and how we behave. We have to unite mind, body and spirit to re-establish our awareness of this invisible reality. We cannot create the visible without the invisible just as we cannot regenerate the body without regenerating the mind. The spirit has to be bright and the mind clear in order to sustain a healthy body. Innersound provides a way to create harmony between mind, body and spirit by helping us to connect to the invisible source of life because whatever has the power to create life has the power to heal it. If we can heal our bodies this way then healing the world becomes very possible.

Innersound Harmony teaches the spiritual way of healing rather than the physical way. It develops in us a longer term view; a deeper understanding of eternity without which we are likely to get caught in this physical reality making it very difficult to find the right way.

Spiritual healing requires emptying and cleaning the mind so that it can contain the spirit. We call this the original mind which is good-hearted, generous, loving and compassionate. It is our innate mind, given by the creator of life. You can see it in every living creature on this planet. It is a loving mind that nurtures and sustains life. That is the mind of the creator. Where else can it be seen? It is certainly not in another dimension or in outer space. It is right here and right now and if you cannot see it then you have to ask yourself what you need to do to develop it. This is the purpose of Innersound Harmony.

Once you regain this mind then you cannot wage war on others, you cannot kill other living beings and you cannot destroy the planet for short-lived selfish material gain. Until we have this awareness there is no solution to the problems we face. We have to clear all the darkness from our minds; we have to think that we are living our eternal life right now and consider what decisions we’re going to make, to make it as bright and beautiful as possible.

Stay tuned.

Innersound Harmony Blog Team.

Rather apply the Law of Yin and Yang when dealing with your emotions

This week’s Innersound Harmony post explains how the Law of Yin and Yang can help us deal with our emotions. I hope it helps.

Life is created through the union of yin and yang and maintained by the harmony of yin and yang.

This means that our health, happiness and success are all supported by a balanced and harmonious lifestyle. Too much sleep, too little exercise, too much food or too little water will create an imbalance, which if perpetuated creates deeper disharmony resulting inevitably in illness and disease. These are just physical considerations as the decision to sleep longer than necessary, for example, comes from the mind.

Let’s advance naturally then to the magical world of the mind. It is here that we begin to see the harsh yet avoidable punishments metered out by our emotions. Emotions are as certain as death and taxes. There are good ones and there are bad ones and both exist regardless of what we do. We are taught to promote the good and suppress the bad. From an early age we are encouraged to share that which we greedily want for ourselves, to celebrate the successes of our peers in the face of our own failures and to love rather than hate those that hurt us. This is wonderful advice and it makes perfect sense but consistently integrating it into our lives requires self-mastery. 

"Knowing others is intelligence

knowing yourself is true wisdom.

Mastering others is strength

mastering yourself is true power.”

Tao Te Ching

 Our emotions do not create disharmony themselves but rather our responses to them do. How do you feel when confronted by the big green-eyed monster, for example? Some may be aware of their jealousy and try their best to suppress it, while others may feel overwhelmed by it allowing their insecurities to grow even more. Whatever our response may be, jealousy will always be there. A positive response will enhance our lives and a negative one will not. Accepting the good with the bad and realising that both are helpful will help us navigate the journey to ultimate happiness.

All living things are imbued with basic desire to survive. Our negativity is no exception; it has a life too which it wants to preserve. By responding negatively to situations our negativity becomes bigger and stronger and it starts to control us leading us to greater disharmony. If we use challenging situations to become stronger our negativity is simply recognised and accepted as such, and we control it.

To soar through life we have to learn how to fly. Aeroplanes and birds require resistance in order to fly. If there was a weakness in the wing structure of a Boeing 747 it would not be able to take off as increasing air resistance would damage the wing. By practising acceptance we develop the power to be able to launch ourselves into the ‘air’. It doesn’t end there however; as we ascend we encounter greater resistance. The more we practise acceptance the greater our challenges become. A happy, healthy and successful life is made possible through encounters with difficult people and situations.

How do we deal with the constant challenges that life throws at us? Here are a few tips I have learnt from the Qi Masters at the Innersound Harmony Centre:

  1. Calm down. Take a seat and close your eyes. Try for a few moments to focus on your breathing or try and listen to the sound of your heart beat. As your mind is not actually responsible for breathing this little exercise will help to clear your mind enough to see the situation more clearly.
  2. Ask yourself what it is you can learn from the situation. By doing this you will avail yourself to other possibilities.
  3. Take responsibility for the situation even if it was created by someone else. If done sincerely this will provide you with a burst of clarity to rise above the problem and respond positively.
  4. Forgive all the parties involved.
  5. If you fail to follow these suggestions, which will happen, then forgive yourself and get ready for the next opportunity with enthusiasm.

Just as life is not possible without death and day is not possible without night, positivity is not possible without negativity. This is what we learn from the philosophy of yin and yang. Opposites have to harmonise for life to continue. Negativity can serve as a reliable guide in creating Innersound Harmony within and without.

Stay tuned.

Innersound Harmony.